Nicholas Kingston

Nicholas Kingston

FounderManaging Director

Nicholas is responsible for overseeing the strategy and partnership elements on projects. His primary area of project focus has been in the field of knowledge and data management, as well as helping teams find ways to collaborate and operate more effectively and efficiently. This has included facilitating collaborative ideation workshops for stakeholders, performing needs-finding activities at multiple levels of multinational organizations, and overseeing continuous engagement throughout and past the close of the project to ensure effective implementation of strategies.

Nicholas speaks fluent Spanish and has over 10 years of experience working in restructuring, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing. He has worked with leaders in multinational development banks and has extensive experience developing international branding and marketing materials. He developed the branding and communications kit for technologies with the French Institute of Petroleum (IFPen) and Axens, rebranded a Canadian renewable energy firm, and created marketing collateral for a consortium of Virgin Australia, GE, Airbus, and others.

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