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The World Bank Group’s Public-Private Partnerships Cross-Cutting Solutions Area (PPP CCSA) is both a beautiful acronym and a leader in PPP knowledge. As a part of the Bank, they manage resources on PPPs contributed by other thought leaders in the field, including the Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, PPIAF, and the PPPIRC.

This isn’t an easy task, since data and learnings from these resources cut across different industries, projects, and countries. In order to share the necessary information while attributing the hard work put in to the rightful contributors the PPP CCSA needed a new solution: a collection of sites and resources to share and highlight contributions and contributors.


To keep the different contributing teams updated and engaged, we developed a roadmap website to share progress and milestones while our project manager maintained an open channel of communications. This transparency allowed us to develop a feedback loop to build buy-in and incorporate different teams’ ideas and suggestions.

Initial interviews and workshops brought a major concern to our attention: the original plan of creating an all-encompassing, stand-alone file storage system didn’t meet the needs we were hearing from users. Instead, the system not only needed to manage thousands of files, contracts, and resources from contributors, but also reference them back to the authoring organizations. After some serious brainstorming, we refocused the project from the initial system-centric approach to one that really emphasized the collaborations that the initial concept was founded on.

This turned out to be a two-part system rather than a single application (which still counts as “making things simple”, despite what math may argue): the Knowledge Library and the Knowledge Lab. The Knowledge Library is the system’s repository, a single area for knowledge documents to be managed, curated, and delivered to third-party websites. Drawing from the Library is the Knowledge Lab, the main website-slash-hub where resources are shared across institutions and with the general public.


The PPP Knowledge Suite was launched in London at PPP Days 2015, and new contributions are made regularly by partner institutions. Integration with knowledge initiatives from other organisations is ongoing. You can learn more about PPPs by looking through the Knowledge Lab or visiting the Library to check out the developer documentation.

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